Magic The Gathering League Scores - Standard & Commander

Magic The Gathering League Scores - Standard & Commander

The second week of the Magic the Gathering League for both Standard & Commander has ended and the results seems to be close!

Commander League Leaderboard

Rank Name Achievements Completed
1 Paul 6
2 Anthony 5
3 Zuichii 5
4 Westly 4
5 Wessam Albanna 3


Streets of New Cappena Commander Nights is a new way of playing our Wednesday night Commander. (You can still play regular commander on Wednesday)

Players setup pods using Legendary Creatures from Streets of New Cappena and try to achieve challenges and win prizes during these nights! Make sure to check out our article on Commander nights REVAMPED 


Now for Standard League has been picking up a lot of interest by the local community which is awesome! Players are starting to come in and competing with their cool brews and building up towards stronger decks.

Standard League Leaderboard

Rank Name Points
1 Chester Al John 15
2 ali alwatani 15
3 Paul Vincent Cabarles 6
4 Yousif Al Basry 6
5 Nomar 6
6 Igei 6
7 Fahad 3
8 Wessam 3
9 Adnan Al Shaikh 1
10 Abdul Aziz Sayed 1


Seems Midrange and Aggro decks are the most played in the format with a few rogue decks such as burn and discard. Which is means the amount different decks in the format is healthy and is looking to continue to grow in the coming weeks with new players joining the community and veterans looking to play something different. 

If you haven't read what the Standard League is all about, you should defiantly read up my previous article on the way the League works and what cool prizes are in store for all.

We hope the Bahrain Magic community is enjoying their time in both Leagues and we hope to see new contenders entering the formats.

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