A Guide To Baldur's Gate Prerelease

A Guide To Baldur's Gate Prerelease

Commander Legends Baldur's Gate is the 2nd edition release of one of the best selling sets of 2021. (Commander Legends) Last year, Wizards of the coast released the set bringing format staples such as Battlebond Lands, Jeweled Lotus, Opposition Agents, Hullbreacher etc... Making this an exciting release for many commander players.

Commander Legends Prerelease is a Booster Draft event instead of your typical Sealed event. (So 3 Booster packs instead of 6) with some changes the way you would normally pick cards. Here is how it works:

1. Start with 3 Booster Packs & Draft 2 cards at a time

Once you sit down at the table with your booster packs, the drafting part starts. Everyone at the table will be cracking open a booster pack, taking out the token card and picking 2 cards from the pack. These are your draft picks and they are your cards. The rest of the cards will be passed around to the person on your left while you get cards from the person on your right.

Unlike other forms of Commander where you can only have 1 copy of a card in your deck, here you are allowed to run multiple copies of the same card in your deck. However, since the set is big, the odds of you getting multiple is harder.

Keep an eye out for so powerful Legendary Creatures as they can be your Commander.

2. Your Foil Date Stamped Promo is part of the draft pool

With your prerelease pack, you will receive a Foil Stamped Promo which can be part of your deck. Stamped promos cards are also exclusive cards only found in prerelease packs and more than often hold a higher value compared to other printings.

3. Building your deck

Build you deck till you have at least 60 cards (including lands) Remember though, that your deck can only have cards as the same color as your commander identity (Mana Value) and like I mentioned above, you can have multiples of the same card. We also recommend you bring your own card sleeves to keep your deck nice and protected and have an easier time shuffling.

If you do not happen to have any, you can always purchase sleeves from us.

Don't be afraid to ask the staff for advice on deck building. We are always happy to help.

4. Battle in groups of 4

Once the deck building time is finished, the store staff will announce the pods and you get to play with your brand new deck against other players. Games will be in pods of 4 (meaning 4 players play the same game) and it is an all out battle! You all reveal your Commanders in the Command Zone, shuffle your decks and play. Here are the main rules:

1. Each player will have 40 life.
2. You get 1 free mulligan (shuffling your had into the deck and drawing a new hand)
3. You are allowed to attack anyone.
4. Commander damage is 21.

5. No rounds, just shuffle & play

Commander is a casual format and is designed to be a creative format for magic the gathering players to enjoy the deck building experience. That is why Wizards of the Coast kept Commander Legends Baldur's Gate Prerelease with no rounds.

However, we will be placing a timer of 60 minutes and then shuffle the pods around. That way you do not play the same people the whole event and get to meet and play different players in the Magic Community of Bahrain. The event will be 3 rounds of spiciness. 

6. Receive your prize

By the end of the event, each participant will be getting 3 Commander Legends Baldur's gate Set Booster Packs as a prize and lavish the sweet smell of new cardboard.

7. Prerelease is on June 3rd, 2022

Commander Legends Prerelease will be on Friday June 3rd, 2022 and will have two timings.

Friday June 3rd, 3PM
MTG Companion Code: X28NXG

Friday June 3rd, 7PM
MTG Companion Code: RY38JZ

You can signup using the MTG companion app on the app store or signup on the day of the event. (Signing up early ensures your prerelease packs are reserved and do not miss out)

8. Don't forget to place your preorder

Preorders are open till May 31st. If you plan on picking up a new Commander Deck, Bundle or a Set Booster Box purchasing from us directly goes a long way in supporting the store and the magic community. 

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