Howayte's Limited Magic league

Howayte's Limited Magic league

Limited has always been the core format for our Magic the Gathering Community and its if not the easiest way to get into the game. Though there are popular formats such as Commander and Pioneer, there are those who take limited as their format of choice. So, we decided to spice it up with a special League with big prizes and a new way to enjoy playing MTG events in-store.


Limited Magic League

The Limited Magic League is an ongoing event using cards only from Standard Magic sets. Starting from Wilds of Eldraine, you can use the cards you drafted OR opened during sealed tournaments and keep them safely in-store where you can use the cards to build a constructed deck to compete by the end of the league.


The Rules

a. All cards you Draft or open during Sealed tournaments go into a box with your name on it. This is your cube of cards (like a stash) where you can use to build your deck overtime.
b. You are allowed to get 3 packs per week to add to your cube if you wish.
c. You are allowed to add your tournament prize(s) to your cube.

What You Are Not Allowed To Do

a. You are not allowed to add cards from your collection into the cube.
b. Taking cards out of your cube to use outside, will not be allowed to go back inside the cube to keep things simpler.


What You Will Use Your Cube For

Once a month, we will run a League tournament where you are allowed to construct your deck using the cube and the cards you have accumulated. This will be a 1v1 Standard Tournament using cards ONLY from the cube. These events will take place instead of the usual FNM Booster Drafts / Sealed. As we come closer to the end of the league, we will increase the number of league deck tournaments.


How Points are Calculated

Points are calculated during either Friday Night Magic Drafts or Sealed events and Limited League Tournaments.

a. 3 points for every match won.
b. 1 point for every match draw.
c. No points for match loss.
d. 1 point for every limited event you participate in.


You Could Get Bonus League Points

The store staff may reward bonus League points to players based on tournament standings or in partaking in special events such as Store Championships and Limited League Tournaments etc...


End of the Limited Magic League

2 Weeks before the next Standard Set prerelease, will be the end of the Limited Magic League. You will be awarded Booster packs + promo packs based on your standings on the leaderboard which will be visible on discord.


Prizes Based On The Standings On The Magic League Leaderboard 

First Place: 1x Set Booster Box from the latest Standard Set. + 3 Foil Promos + 3 Regular Promos + Buy a box promo
Second Place: 20x Set Booster Packs from the latest Standard Set + 2 Foil Promos + 2 Regular Promos + buy a box promo
Third Place:15x Set Booster Packs from the latest Standard Set + 2 Foil Promos
Fourth Place: 10x Set Booster Packs from the latest Standard Set + 2 Regular Promos
Fifth to Eighth Place: 5x Set Booster Packs from the latest Standard Set

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