Magic Commander Night

Commander Nights REVAMPED with Streets of New Cappena

With the release of Streets of New Cappena, Commander Night is getting a REVAMP with new and exciting challenges as well as seasonal winners with most accomplishments! 

What is Commander Night - Streets of New Cappena?

Starting from the release of Streets of New Cappena, MTG Commander Nights will be a seasonal weekly event with challenges & special rules to spice things up. There are load of challenges players can try to achieve and if they do, they can win prizes! This could be anything from Promo Packs, Promo Cards etc...

Additionally, we are going to keep track of players achievements and will give the player with the most accomplished achievements a special promo commissioned by our in-house artist Fatima!

How long will it go for?

The event will end on July 28th as its the very last day you can do the challenge sheet. That is also when we will tally the achievements and announce the winner!

Is there an entry fee?

This is a complete Free event! We only ask that you support the store when you can.

How to participate?

You must play a Legendary Creature from Streets of New Cappena as your Commander when doing the challenges. Other than that, Just drop in on Wednesday Night Starting from May 11th. And ask the staff you would like to join.

What are the challenges?

You can take a look at the achievement paper using the link here

Heads Up! Also don't forget that the first Friday of release will be our Commander Launch Party, which means if you have gotten any of the Streets of New Cappena Commander Decks, you automatically get the cool Swiftboots promo. Make sure to check out our store calendar for all the Magic the Gathering events at the store.

Exciting times & looking forward to having an amazing Commander Night Season.

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