Magic Standard League Is Back With Streets of New Capenna Release!

Magic Standard League Is Back With Streets of New Capenna Release!

It has been a good minute since we had our last constructed Magic the Gathering League that isn't Commander. With things finally opening up and restrictions lifted. This is the best time to start one of the more popular events we had throughout the years we have been open.


What is a Magic Leagues and how long do they go for?
Magic Leagues are season based events that run between every Standard Magic Set and another. That means that a League can run from anything from 9 - 11 weeks, being longer during the end of the year holidays. Since Streets of New Cappena is just around the corner, that means this is the perfect time to get started. It will end a week before the next Standard set prerelease. (Dominaria United)

Once the league ends, there will be a championship Tournament which you can only participate in if you reach in the top 8 on the ranking board. This is the last event of the season and the top 3 players win bigger prizes such as fully sealed booster box of the next set, Custom Promo Cards and Trophies.


How does the League work?
Once the official date of the League starts, every participation of a Standard event will count towards your points. In simple terms, you earn something called League Points. Which are based on your standings in the local tournaments held at the shop.
(For example, if you win 2 matches out of your 4 matches in the tournament, each win gives you 3 points. So that is 6 League points counted towards you.)

These events are regular tournaments with prizes, promos and any special rewards that can sometimes come up. So nothing to complicated there. Also, do not worry about which deck to play, you can play anything you want during the league as long as the deck is Standard Legal.


When will it start?
May 6th, 2022 is the week after Streets of New Cappena official release date. That means you can start playing from that date onwards.


What days will Standard Tournaments take place?
Every Tuesday Night from 7:30PM onwards.


What about the prizes?
We went out on this one! Pushing the Standard scene back into the shop and bringing back the crowd that enjoys the 1 Vs 1 once again. The Top 8 players during the end of the season will join the invite only Magic League Championship for big prizes!

Hold that Trophy high in the sky! Yes, Howayte Trophies are back with bigger prizes than all our previous Magic Leagues. We hope you all like what we have coming and hope to see you soon.

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