Magic The Gathering Standard League Scores + Top Place Deck Profile

Another week, another Standard tournament at the store! Some of the players decided to experiment new brews and try out some new archetypes and some new players decided to join the fun!

Standard League Leaderboard

Rank Name Points
1 Chester Al John 24
2 Ali Alwatani 17
3 Yousif Al Basry 10
4 Nomar 9
5 Igei 9
6 Paul Vincent Cabarles 6
7 Eddie Sherman 4
8 Fahad 3
9 Wessam 3
10 Adnan Al Shaikh 1
11 Abdul Aziz Sayed Abdullah 1


Chester was able to go 3-0 in this week's Standard Tournament with his Rakdos Anvil deck. Making him win this week tournament and giving him the lead on the leaderboard. It seems the deck did struggle a little against the Angels deck but was able to come out with a 2-1 against it.

Some of the interesting card choices he made for sure was the Sokenzan Smelter & Dragonspark Reactor as you do not see those much.

First Place Rakdos Anvil Deck List