Howayte Standard League Scores

Magic The Gathering Standard League Scores

Howayte's Standard League Scores as of week 5. GRUUL ONLY SMASH!

Standard League Leaderboard

Rank Name Points
1 Chester Al John 33
2 Ali alwatani 32
3 Yousif Al Basry 16
4 Nomar 15
5 Igei 15
6 Austin Robison 15
7 Paul Vincent Cabarles 12
8 Eddie Sherman 10
9 Wessam 9
10 Adnan Al Shaikh 4
11 Abdul Aziz Sayed 4
12 Luis Duran 3


Event Summary 

Seems like Austin won last week's Standard Tournament with his Gruul Modified Deck! Defiantly unexpected as the newcomer came into the format with a new spicy deck brew that looks SMASHING! Especially against his opponent's. With Streets of New Cappena's release, most players look at 3 - color decks as the color combination of choice. But if you want to play a little more aggressive and SMASH, you got to appreciate Gruul.

The Standard League is finally gaining more popularity as new players are joining the arena and want to take a shot for the top.

We are excited so far and it seems the players are enjoying themselves as well. Will standard pick up again and become a format favorite of the community? Will the top champion by the end season be playing a new archetype that we haven't seen yet? I guess we will have to wait and see!

Can't wait till the next event comes up and see who comes on top.

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