A Guide To Double Masters Launch Party

A Guide To Double Masters Launch Party

Double Masters 2 is going to be officially released this weekend and it's gonna be awesome!

Why all the hype around Double Masters 2022?

Now for those who are living under a rock, Double Masters is a specialty set that isn't part of MTG Standard format. However, it is a reprint set for formats such as Commander, Legacy, Modern etc... printing valuable cards that are can be pricy on the secondary market for some players.

The reprints in the set are heavily favored towards the Commander format with reprints like Dockside Extortionist (58$) , Imperial Seal ($1750) , Sensei's Divining Top ($45), Smothering tithe ($36) Commander Format Staples just to name a few! Some of these cards never received a reprint, and that is what makes this set exciting to Commander players especially!

What is also very great about Double Masters 2022 is the fact that each pack will contain at least 2-4 rare cards and higher. That means you have a big chance of profiting big time on your packs.


What is Double Masters 2022 Launch Party, How Does it Work?

The Launch party will be a Booster Draft, meaning you will be getting 3 Double Master 2 booster packs and join the pod of 8 players.

Unlike Standard Booster Drafts, once you open your booster pack you will be picking 2 cards for your first picks. Then after that, you will continue to pick 1 card and passing cards as any normal Friday Night Magic Booster Draft.

Each pack will also contain a new Land called Cryptic Spires that will ask you to circle the Mana Symbols on it before starting your game (during deck building) 

After that you will continue to build your 40 card deck (or more) and play 3 rounds of swiss.

During the end of the event, each player who participated will receive 2 Double masters 2022 Launch Party Promo Cards and 2 Streets of New Cappena Promo Packs. And the top 3 players will gain additional Streets of New Cappena Foil Promo packs!

When Is It Going To Be? How Much Is The Entry?

The store will be running the First event on Friday, July 8th from 5PM. The second event Friday, July 15th from 5PM which will not include the Double Masters Participation Promos unless announced otherwise.

The entry for this event will be BD21(inc VAT)


How To Register?

Please use the MTG Companion App and use the following code to register yourself. (Make sure to login your account and confirm with the tournament organizers that you registered yourself)

Friday, July 8th from 5PM: 2G6GGZX
Friday, July 15th from 5PM: 

Link to MTG Companion: MTG Companion App | Magic: The Gathering (wizards.com)

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