Digimon Card Game: Tag Team Battle Rules

Digimon Card Game: Tag Team Battle Rules

As Digimon TCG formats get stale, it's always a good idea to change things up by doing different formats such as Tag Battles. So we came up with a set of rules to help you understand how the format works and how it plays. (Shoutout to the Kuwaiti Digimon Community for the inspiration and advice)


Digimon Tag Team Battle Rules

1. Each player controls only cards he owns or controlled by abilities.

2. Turn order is done as follows: Opponent A > You > Opponent B > Your partner.

3. The team cannot have the same cards as his partner.

4. The security stack is 10 cards, before the game starts: both players combine a single stack between them and ordered one by one by each player placing the top card of their deck into the stack.

5. A player does not attack a single opponent, but rather attacks the team. Which would mean when doing security checks, one of the players does the check on his stack. In the occurrence of multiple checks, they must do multiple checks.

6. When attacking, any player on the opposing team with a blocker may use its ability to block an incoming attack.

7. Anything that says until the end of your opponent next turn, it will end directly after your opponent who plays after you not their partner.

8. Cards that allow you to look at the security means that you would be able to see only the cards in the security stack that you own. (Not your partner's)

9. The card that has reduce cost effect will work only on 1 field of your opponent for the cost reduction.

10. Continues Effect will applied on all effected fields. (Modoki Betamon, Ghazimon, etc...)

11. "When attacking" "When Digivolving" "On Play" "On Deletion" effects work on any\all fields.

12. Tag battles matches are Best of One and each round will be 50 minutes.

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