The New Community Platform For TCG Gaming Communities in Bahrain

The New Community Platform For TCG Gaming Communities in Bahrain

Discord is a great way to grow the community, manage interest and become more publicly accessible encouraging new people to join the community. Even though WhatsApp has been doing fine, it has it's limits and its always been a more personal level of communication and can be a bag of mixed conversations (Hence why we have 2 separate groups)

Being a Community Manager for multiple games, I usually have a bunch of different things to say on different topics. (Voting for event ideas, tournament signups, sharing our content etc...) And having just one or 2 groups for this is not enough and can feel spammy.

Does it make sense to make more WhatsApp groups for each type of topic? Yeah, but why do we have to when you have better tools out there.

Don't get us wrong, we are still far from ditching WhatsApp, however the first step we must take is changing course to a brighter future for the local gaming communities and growing the interest in the region. However, we will not add more people into the chat groups or announcement groups on WhatsApp and instead they will be directed to our discord server.

So for starters, we will have exclusive things done on the server
- Exclusive discounted deals.
- Able to vote on event ideas.
- Streaming (coming soon)
- More to come
- (Extra) I will personally be more active there in chat groups :P

The Communities we are going to move into the server will be
- Magic The Gathering
- Digimon Card Game
- Yugioh!

It's time we moved away from relics like WhatsApp when it comes to our gaming content. Honestly I am very excited for this change and believe its the best for the future of tabletop gaming in Bahrain and potentially the Gulf.

If you'd like to join our discord server, check out the link below

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