Magic The Gathering Standard League Leaderboard & League Prizes Changes

Latest Update on the Standard League!

Rank Name Points
1 Ali alwatani 59
2 Chester Al John 51
3 Austin Robison 27
4 Igei 24
5 Paul Vincent Cabarles 24
6 Nomar 21
7 Yousif Al Basry 20
8 Wessam 15
9 Eddie Sherman 10
10 Adnan Al Shaikh 4
11 Abdul Aziz Sayed Abdullah 4
12 Osama 4
13 Luis Duran 3


Important Note: Due to the new system updates on event reporting, it seems we cannot track any events over 3 weeks old. Meaning we have missed 2 event scorings that happened between June 14th and June 21st. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Entry Fee Changes For Constructed Events

Effective from today, entry for constructed events are now BD5 and players receive 2x Draft Booster packs on entry.

This applies to Standard, Pioneer and Commander events with Standard Packs for Prize Support.


Standard League End of Season Prize Changes

As you all have seen, we promised to deliver big prizes during the end of the season, but with so many drops, an inconsistent tournaments, we will be changing our prizes to the following instead.

League Champion: 1x Full Draft Booster Box of Dominaria United. + Store Champion Trophy
2nd Place: 18x Draft Booster packs of Dominaria United
3rd Place: 18x Draft Booster packs of Dominaria United
4th Place: 18x Draft Booster packs of Dominaria United

In addition, each of the top 8 players will receive bonus promo packs! Based on availability!