Dominaria United Prerelease Excitement! Cool Things are coming

Wizards are launching their 30th anniversary with a bang! Dominaria United brings tons of great cards and some cool promos to the magic community.

What is Prerelease?

Your very first chance to play with the cards from a brand-new set.
A week before the set is released, you can head to your favorite local WPN member game store to crack open some packs, build a deck, and try out all the exciting new cards and mechanics in a friendly, informal tournament.

Special Promos ONLY for participants

The first 25 players who register and attend for prerelease will be getting 3 special promos from Wotc 30th anniversary. (Ball Lightning, Serra Angel and Fythorn elves)


Event Details

Event Date: September 9th, 2022
Event Entry: 13.900 (receive a Prerelease Pack)
Prizes: We are very generous during this festive event! So we tossing packs left and right for this one!

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