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Throne of Eldrain Season Starts This Weekend! Here are some changes

During prerelease weekend, it was obvious to a lot that some of the unique mechanics in the game were completely awesome! Sending your creatures on adventures only to cast him later was a sweet mechanic honestly. some of the artwork of the cards were breathtaking. The theme was very joyful.

We changed the way we give Promo Packs

Not only that, but we have changed the way we give promos out during drafts.
Each time your drafted, 2 promo packs were given out to the top 2 players. Now we have added a 3rd Promos pack

The person that takes 1st place in a draft will receive a Premium Foil Promo pack with the prize pool that we give out. The other 2 Promo Packs will be given out randomly using anything such as a dice etc… giving a chance for those who didn’t do so well in the draft to get something.

Focused more on the casual players

During Core Set 2020 season we have been pushing players to “compete” a little more and consider becoming a little more competitive. However we noticed that the majority of the community enjoyed more being in company of others and playing the game more than that of going on pro tours and competing. (We still have players like that)

So for this season, we are going to experiment different ideas and bring back older fun events that used to bring a lot of new players to the store. So stay tuned for those.

Encourage fun and friendly

Part of what makes us different compared to the rest of the LGSs around the GCC is the friendliness of the community and vibes that people get see once the enter the shop. This isn’t something a store can do on its own! So now we have little treats for anybody that brings somebody new to the community.

We are giving out during this season a few Promo Packs to whom ever brings a new player to the store and teach them how to learn MTG.

Throne of Eldrain League

Remember the leagues? Yeah, those are coming back!

Starting from Throne of Eldrain Release date, players can come anytime during the week to play games with the other league players to earn some cool prizes over the course of 4 weeks! If you never joined an League or new to the game, the league is the best place for you to meet and play with different players on an equal playing ground!

Magic League habituates the game for new and interested players. It’s designed to be an initiation to Magic as a weekly tradition.

Players start with three boosters and may purchase another each week, plus another after any set of three losses. Hand out match cards for players to track to their own wins and losses.

Participants can battle the store at any time. We are hosting a weekly meetup that we help you get players playing. The more your play, the more chances of you winning!

Winning a league comes in 3 different categories. Most Games Won, Most Games Played and Most friendly Player.

Standard Premier League Starts October 10th

Standard players Premier League will start October 10th and will end in 13 weeks. We have changed one rule here.

You get 3 points for just joining any Standard Event in addition to your games.

New Exclusive Howayte Events

We got some ideas for mid season for our dear hardcore limited players! No, we aren’t telling you right now 🙂