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Standard Premiere League : Week 4 Winners and Rankings

Monday Standard Winners

Standard Week 4 Top 4,

After a long time, Ching Serrano has finally came back to the Standard scene with a few decks in his artillery. The deck he choose this week was his Naya Feather deck, where it abuses the new enchantment that came with Core set 2020 Season of Growth and the new card that bumped up the power of Feather decks God’s Willing which is a great card that can be used offensively and defensively. Serrano went 4-0 this week and was able to climb up Standard Premier League Leaderboard. Seems like Serrano is coming in strong.

Serrano's Winning Naya Feather Standard Deck

4 Adanto Vanguard 4 Tenth District Legionnaire 4 Dreadhorde Arcanist 4 Gruul Spellbreaker 4 Feather, the Redeemed 4 Defiant Strike 3 Reckless Rage 4 God's Willing 2 Shock 3 Domri's Ambush 2 Season of Growth 4 Stomping Ground 4 Temple Garden 4 Sacred Foundry 2 Rootbound Crag 4 Sunpetal Grove 3 Clifftop Retreat 1 Temple of Triumph

Friday Night Magic M20 Draft & Standard

Top 3 winners of FNM Draft

Seem like Bo isn’t giving up, he really wants that No.1 spot on the Leaderboard and has been knocking everybody down in order to reach it. Even Ali Shaheed who is currently No.1 wasn’t able to do so this week and might as well call Bo the Boogeyman. Bo was able to to take first place in FNM Standard and 2nd place in Core Set 2020 Draft. Moe one of our best players was able to snatch 1st place from Bo during round 3 in the draft.

Standard Games On YouTube Sundays Evening

If you would like to watch all the Standard games between the players, make sure to check out our Youtube videos by going to our channel. Videos get uploaded every Sunday.

1Ali Shaheed64
2Bo Mariam57
3Paul Vincent40
4Raymond Steele39
5Chris Hogan36
7Faisal Mohanna24
8Ali Abdulla22
8Julius D22
8Ching, Serano22
11Kevin Aquinaldo21
13Hasan Safar18
15Ali Alwatani13
16Ali Salari12
16Tim Tegel12
18Gay Ahit9
18Salman Hayat9
18Hussain Aqeel9
29Yusuf Aljeeb3
31Mohammed AlHamad1
33Allan Moskits0
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