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Standard Premiere League : Week 3 Winners and Rankings

Monday Standard News

Left Paul and Right Ali Shaheed

So after holding a successful Monday Standard, Paul Vincent was able to walk away first place with his Bant Super friends that overwhelms his opponents with land creatures using Nissa, Who Shakes the world and forcing his opponents to use their cards during their turn using Teferi, Time Raveler. 2nd place was Ali Shaheed with his Orhoz Vampires which play very aggressively using popular cards like Adanto Vanguard and Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord, but was not able to land the lethal damage in Game 3.

Winning Deck Bant Super Friends
Winning Deck Super Friends

Friday Night Magic M20 Draft

Ali AlWatani After Taking First Place in the FNM Draft

Ali Alwatani won this week’s draft giving him a 9 point lead in the Standard Premier League

As you all been waiting for! The current rankings for week 3.

1Ali Shaheed49
2Bo Mariam36
3Paul Vincent34
4Raymond Steele27
6Faisal Mohanna24
7Ali Abdulla22
7Julius D22
9Chris Hogan21
11Hasan Safar18
13Kevin Aquinaldo15
14Ali Alwatani13
15Tim Tegel9
16Ching, Serano6
16Gay Ahit6
16Ali Salari6
16Salman Hayat6
23Yusuf Aljeeb3
24Mohammed AlHamad1
26Allan Moskits0
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