Standard Premiere League: This week’s winners, Rankings & Switching Standard Day

This Week’s Thursday Standard Winner Bo Mariam & His winning Deck list

Bo after taking first place

This week Bo was able to go 4-0 using his White Weenie deck. A mono white aggro deck that is meant to overwhelm the opponent with a lot of small creatures and getting buffed from white lord cards like Benalish Marshal and History of Benalia that give that one big push for game on turn 6. Giving his knights such as Adanto Vanguard and Knight Tokens +2/+1. Also running Gideon Blackblade for the extra Board presence and pressure.

White Weenie Deck

Friday Night Magic Draft Weekend Winner

Top 3 Players from FNM Draft

After successfully hosting 2 Draft Weekend events, Ray Steele was able to walk away winning both Drafts using his deck building skill and walk away from sweet Premium Promo Packs Twice! Using the mill strategy to win one of the tournaments.

Switching Thursday to Monday Standard and new prize structure!

So after posting a voting pool for the changing the hosting days of Standard from Thursday to either Monday or Tuesday and it seems Monday has won the votes! So for the time being, we will be hosting Monday Standard and test it out for the next 2 weeks and evaluate how well it’s going and decide whether we keep it or change it to another day.

Moving forward, the entrance fee for constructed events such as Standard and Pauper will be BD3/SR30. Each player will be getting a participation pack regardless of standings. Prize pools will be based on number of players x 2. E.G (In a event of 18 players, 36 booster packs will be the prize pool. Where 18 packs will be taken off from the 36 packs to be participation packs. Leaving 18 packs for top 4 winners where first place gets half of the packs so on so forth.)

Points have been tallied and here are the current new standings of our future champions! Points have been earned by playing Constructed Standard and Limited Formats. Standard Games have been recorded and will be posted on our YouTube Channel in the coming days.

1Ali Shaheed36
2Bo Mariam30
3Faisal Mohanna24
4Raymond Steele24
5Paul Vincent23
6Ali Abdulla22
7Julius D21
10Hasan Safar18
11Chris Hogan16
13Kevin Aquinaldo13
14Ali Alwatani12
15Tim Tegel9
17Ching, Serano6
18Gay Ahit6
20Salman Hayat5
22Ali Salari6
23Yusuf Aljeeb3
25Mohammed AlHamad1
26Allan Moskits0

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