The Army Painter - Wargamer Mega Brush Set

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    • 9 ESSENTIAL MINIATURE BRUSHES AT A REASONABLE PRICE - From large to extremely fine pointed tip, this detailing brush set has an assortment of acrylic paint brushes to help any wargamer speedpaint to a high-standard finish without breaking a bank
    • FREE KOLINSKY SABLE HAIR MASTERCLASS BRUSH - Nothing can beat Kolinsky Sable brushes so we’re adding one into this model paint brushes set. Considered as the ultimate of soft hairs, The Army Painter’s Masterclass Brush is indeed a must-have for any painter
    • STRONG BRISTLES THAT RETAIN SHAPE EVEN WITH FREQUENT USE - Made with Synthetic Toray and Sable Hair Bristles that hold paint excellently and maintains the perfect snap; With proper care, you won’t find these detailing thin paint brushes splaying on you
    • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED ROUND AND TRIANGULAR HANDLES - Carefully designed for each purpose, the detail brushes feature sleek triangular handles for more control as well as a comfortable grip; the large brushes come with round handles for flexibility
    • PROUDLY HANDMADE IN EUROPE - Our miniature paint brush set stays true to European high standards on quality. Evolutionary in design, this model paint brush set gives the best value in art paint brushes, miniature brushes and fine detail paint brushes

    - 28.000 BD

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