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Secret Lair Ultimate Edition (Limited Edition WPN Exclusive)

Secret Lair Ultimate Edition (Limited Edition WPN Exclusive)

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Meet The WPN exclusive Secret Lair product. 

The 5 Enemy Fetch lands printed in never seen before artwork. Stamped with the wizards promo logo. Each land has an inspiration planes to the MTG Lore.

Secret Lair Ultimate Edition has the collector in mind and what kind of special cards he could have that are limited everywhere in the world.

These lands are highly desirable and collectible for future investors & collectors.

With the Fetch lands from previous sets with old artwork. Buying those separate from online card stores would bring the costs around BHD130-150 as of the time this has gone live here. 

Howayte has been allocated only with 6 boxes of the Secret Lairs and will be gone forever.

Some Pictures of the Cards up close


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