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Magic the Gathering: March of the Machine Commander Decks

Magic the Gathering: March of the Machine Commander Decks

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March of the Machine Commander

Growing Threat (White-Black Deck)—Create a lion’s share of Incubator tokens that transform into deadly Phyrexians when you’re finally ready to pounce!

Cavalry Charge (White-Blue-Black Deck)—Bring your fallen knights back from the dead and lead the charge to victory.

Call for Backup (Red-Green-White Deck)—Grant your backup-boosted creatures temporary abilities and exhibit the combined might of mortals and spirits.

Divine Convocation (Blue-Red-White Deck)—Gather the masses under Kasla’s wing with her flock of creatures and tokens that reduce the cost of spells. Then dish out devastating damage!

Tinker Time (Green-Blue-Red Deck)—Ally with Gimbal, a Gremlin artificer, and the more types of artifact tokens in your collection, the stronger your army will become!

Planechase Returns

Planechase Returns

Travel between planes as you battle for the fate of the Multiverse with the return of Planechase! Planechase is a play format that supplements a typical Magicgame with a planar deck that determines what plane you are battling in.

The first player flips the top card of the planar deck face-up and that is where your battle begins! Throughout the game, players rolling a planar die may trigger that plane’s “Chaos” ability or “planeswalk” them to a new plane, revealing a new card from the planar deck. Every March of the Machine Commander deck comes with 1 planar die and a 10-card planar deck of 5 Planechase card reprints and 5 never-before-seen Planechase cards.

Collector Booster Sample Pack

Collector Booster Sample Pack

Collect the finest cards in the Multiverse! Each Commander Deck comes with a Collector Booster Sample pack containing 2 special treatment cards from the March of the Machine set, including 1 foil Multiverse Legend—a Legendary creature card with a showcase frame styled after the plane they are from. Each sample pack contains:

· 1 Traditional Foil or Nonfoil Alt-Border Rare or Mythic Rare card

· 1 Traditional Foil Multiverse Legend Uncommon card

An Epic Multiplayer Experience

March of the Machine Commander

Commander is a multiplayer way to play Magic—an epic, free-for-all battle full of strategic plays and social intrigue. Alliances may be made, but in the end, only one player will be left standing. Until the next game begins, of course!

Try out Magic: The Gathering’s most popular format with a ready-to-play deck.

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