Kaldheim Prerelease Pack

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    Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim Prerelease Pack | 6 Draft Boosters (90 Magic Cards) + Foil Stamp Promo + Kaldheim Spindown.

    • 6 Kaldheim (KHM) Magic: The Gathering Draft Booster Packs
    • Comes also with a Stamp promo with a date on it.
    • The set life counter.
    • First appearance of powerful mechanics: foretell & boast
    • The return of snow lands and sagas!
    • MTG set inspired by the rousing sagas of the Viking Age. And metal! \m/

    The Kaldheim Prerelease Pack contains 6 Kaldheim Draft Booster Packs
    Each of the 6 Kaldheim Draft Booster Packs contain 15 Magic cards and 1 ad/token, or MDFC Helper—with 1 Rare or Mythic Rare, 3 Uncommons, 10 Commons, and 1 Snow Land (basic or tapped dual). 1 in 3 Kaldheim Draft Boosters contains a foil.

    - 13.000 BD

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