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Digimon Card Game - Adventure Box 2 AB02

Digimon Card Game - Adventure Box 2 AB02

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One random artwork will be supplied.

The DIGIMON CARD GAME ADVENTURE BOX 2 contains 4 packs of RB01, 1 exclusive Digimon Memory Counter Figure (4 types in total), and 1 Alt Art Promo Card (6 types in total)!
Popular characters are back as an Exclusive Memory Counter Figure! These figures have a new Memory Gauge feature in the figure stand, making them easy to read and fun to play with!
1 of 6 new alt art “Memory Boost!” SR Option cards! These highly versatile and popular cards will be sought after by all players and collectors!

  • x4 Packs (RB01)
  • x1 Exclusive Figure (Memory Counter, 4 Types)
  • x1 Promo Card (6 types)


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