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New Weekly MTG Events & Upcoming event’s Date

Weekly MTG Standard

After hosting multiple MTG Standard events we are happy to anchor MTG Standard as a weekly staple event on Thursdays 7:30PM. Hosting on average 10-16 players has been great and seeing more players getting into the format. The new prize structure has been working great for both the players and the store. Not forgetting that MTG Standard has its own League with a seasonal Championship! How cool is that?! So moving forward the prize pool for Sanctioned Standard events will now be officially set as below:

Prize Structure
4-0-0 = 8 Booster Packs
3-0-1 = 6 Booster Packs
3-1-0 = 4 Booster Packs
2-0-2 = 3 Booster Packs
2-1-1 = 2 Booster Packs
Any = 1 Booster Pack

In addition, MtG Promo Packs are awarded to top players based on standings. One random Promo pack is given away at random as a surprise prize.

Weekly MTG Draft

When a new set comes out everybody wants to try the new set and get a hands on experience or sometimes we find a cool older set that we never had at the store. FNM Draft is a great way for players to enjoy the cards they opened from a fresh new pack & have an equal competitive level with everybody else. So after observing the last few months, we found that the following timeline suits the community the best.

First 3 Weeks of New Set Release:
Draft 1PM & Draft 5PM
Every Friday

4th Week onward of the New Set Release
Draft 3PM Every Friday

All these timings are publicly available on our eventbrite event page, so no need to worry about it. We are just showing you the bigger picture.

Weekly MTG Commander

Lets face it! Commander is Huge in the community. Its played almost everyday at the store and always been played on the side during events since we first opened our doors back in 2017. Its a format that might not be great for new players to get into because of the huge card pool available. But its defiantly still getting more players and its the more inviting one hands down. Multiplayer commander offers that Board Game feel with the game of Magic The Gathering. Its also a break for 1V1 competitive games. Commander has a lot to offer and we want to nurture that.

Wednesday Commander Night

Wednesday Commander Night is a casual hangout where players can take enjoy the game and just have a good time. Its also a great night to bring friends and introduce them to the format and the community.
Wednesday 6PM – 10PM
Entrance Fee: FREE

Prize: None

Friday Night Magic Commander League

Commander League is an ongoing event till the end of the season. Once the season is over, players that have placed the highest scores for the league will win our Special Mystery Prize which will have hand picked goodies that fit your Commander Needs.
Friday 7PM – Midnight
Entrance Fee: Buy-in-Pack
Prize: MTG Promo Packs are awarded to the first 3 undefeated players, and one Premium Promo Pack up as a random door prize every night!

Upcoming Events you want to put into your calendar

– (Nov 29th, Friday 3PM) Howayte Sealed Championship – Throne of Eldraine
– (January 10th, Friday 3PM) Howayte Standard League Championship
– (January 17th, Friday 3PM)
Theros Beyond Death Prerelease
– (January 18th, Saturday 11AM)
Theros Beyond Death Prerelease