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New Weekly MTG Events & Upcoming event’s Date

Weekly MTG Standard

After hosting multiple MTG Standard events we are happy to anchor MTG Standard as a weekly staple event on Thursdays 7:30PM. Hosting on average 10-16 players has been great and seeing more players getting into the format. The new prize structure has been working great for both the players and the store. Not forgetting that MTG Standard has its own League with a seasonal Championship! How cool is that?! So moving forward the prize pool for Sanctioned Standard events will now be officially set as below:

Prize Structure
4-0-0 = 8 Booster Packs
3-0-1 = 6 Booster Packs
3-1-0 = 4 Booster Packs
2-0-2 = 3 Booster Packs
2-1-1 = 2 Booster Packs
Any = 1 Booster Pack

In addition, MtG Promo Packs are awarded to top players based on standings. One random Promo pack is given away at random as a surprise prize.

Weekly MTG Draft

When a new set comes out everybody wants to try the new set and get a hands on experience or sometimes we find a cool older set that we never had at the store. FNM Draft is a great way for players to enjoy the cards they opened from a fresh new pack & have an equal competitive level with everybody else. So after observing the last few months, we found that the following timeline suits the community the best.

First 3 Weeks of New Set Release:
Draft 1PM & Draft 5PM
Every Friday

4th Week onward of the New Set Release
Draft 3PM Every Friday

All these timings are publicly available on our eventbrite event page, so no need to worry about it. We are just showing you the bigger picture.

Weekly MTG Commander

Lets face it! Commander is Huge in the community. Its played almost everyday at the store and always been played on the side during events since we first opened our doors back in 2017. Its a format that might not be great for new players to get into because of the huge card pool available. But its defiantly still getting more players and its the more inviting one hands down. Multiplayer commander offers that Board Game feel with the game of Magic The Gathering. Its also a break for 1V1 competitive games. Commander has a lot to offer and we want to nurture that.

Wednesday Commander Night

Wednesday Commander Night is a casual hangout where players can take enjoy the game and just have a good time. Its also a great night to bring friends and introduce them to the format and the community.
Wednesday 6PM – 10PM
Entrance Fee: FREE

Prize: None

Friday Night Magic Commander League

Commander League is an ongoing event till the end of the season. Once the season is over, players that have placed the highest scores for the league will win our Special Mystery Prize which will have hand picked goodies that fit your Commander Needs.
Friday 7PM – Midnight
Entrance Fee: Buy-in-Pack
Prize: MTG Promo Packs are awarded to the first 3 undefeated players, and one Premium Promo Pack up as a random door prize every night!

Upcoming Events you want to put into your calendar

– (Nov 29th, Friday 3PM) Howayte Sealed Championship – Throne of Eldraine
– (January 10th, Friday 3PM) Howayte Standard League Championship
– (January 17th, Friday 3PM)
Theros Beyond Death Prerelease
– (January 18th, Saturday 11AM)
Theros Beyond Death Prerelease

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Howayte Standard League: Leader Board (Week 1)

Last Season Winners Get A Head Start

For the top 4 players that won in the Core Set 2020 Championship, they start the season with additional points as part of the prizes last season.

New Point System

You can take a look at the newest changes to the Standard League by going here.

2Chris Hogan30
3Ali Shaheed24
4Bo Mariam21
6Paul Vin17
8Hasan AlSafar13
9Ali Abdulla12
14Hussain Aqeel5
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Howayte Standard League: Throne of Eldraine Season Starts

The Standard League is back!

Throne of Eldraine is here and that means we also got a rotation. We lost some of the memorable sets such as Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria and Core Set 2019. Which means new brews and ideas of decks will be seen during the season. The Standard League will end 1 week before the X-Mas

Last Season Winners Get A Head Start

For the top 4 players that won in the Core Set 2020 Championship, they start the season with additional points as part of the prizes last season.

League Rules of Howayte Standard League & How Points Work Now

  • Player earn points only by participating\competing in any Standard or Limited events.
  • Players who join the events will get 3 league points just for participating in the event. (This is new)
  • Each win you have during the tournaments gives you a total of 3 League Points. e.g ( You go 3-0, that would give you 9 points + 3 points for joining)
  • Each Draw gives you 1 League Points and every loss gives you 0 points.
  • Drops during events will not get any points unless they have a reasonable reason. We do this because “drops” influence standings. We are here to have fun šŸ™‚
  • All store rules apply

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Magic League Kicks off with Throne of Eldrain

For those who don’t know what a Magic League is, its a old tournament system that Wizards of The Coast used to support but stopped after Ravnica Allegiance. So it’s safe to say that there isn’t one coming soon especially with the new release of Throne of Eldrain.

What exactly is the Magic League

The goal of the league is to foster league-style play with a low barrier to entry for newer players that can still be just as enjoyable for long-time fans of Limited. Which we will start on October 4th with the release of Throne of Eldrain. This is a perfect way for players to get familiar with the new set.

The Magic League works as such

  • Players open three booster packs and use those boosters to build a 30-card deck.
  • The league lasts four successive weeks.
  • Match cardsĀ are used to track wins and losses.
  • Every week, players add a booster pack to their pool, rebuilding as often as they like.
  • Players can also add a booster after three losses.
  • Matches consist of a single game. Each player gets one freeĀ mulliganĀ at the start of the game.
  • Players play against each other, earningĀ Planeswalker Points.
  • Players can join the Magic League at any time during the four-week period. In addition to their initial booster pool, they are allowed to purchase boosters for the weeks they missed.

Prize Support

We are giving away prizes in a Unlocking-prize-system. The more games you play, the more valuable the prizes will be.

  • First 10 Games: 1 Promo card of your Choice.
  • Reach 20 Games: 2 Promo cards of your Choice (Including Throne of Eldrain promos)
  • 30 Games: Throne of Eldrain Promo Pack
  • 40 Games: Throne of Eldrain Premium Foil Promo Pack

Also 1 full Throne of Eldrain Booster box will be split between 3 types of winners. Most games Played, Most Games Won and Most Friendly (Our Favorite)

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Throne of Eldrain Season Starts This Weekend! Here are some changes

During prerelease weekend, it was obvious to a lot that some of the unique mechanics in the game were completely awesome! Sending your creatures on adventures only to cast him later was a sweet mechanic honestly. some of the artwork of the cards were breathtaking. The theme was very joyful.

We changed the way we give Promo Packs

Not only that, but we have changed the way we give promos out during drafts.
Each time your drafted, 2 promo packs were given out to the top 2 players. Now we have added a 3rd Promos pack

The person that takes 1st place in a draft will receive a Premium Foil Promo pack with the prize pool that we give out. The other 2 Promo Packs will be given out randomly using anything such as a dice etc… giving a chance for those who didn’t do so well in the draft to get something.

Focused more on the casual players

During Core Set 2020 season we have been pushing players to “compete” a little more and consider becoming a little more competitive. However we noticed that the majority of the community enjoyed more being in company of others and playing the game more than that of going on pro tours and competing. (We still have players like that)

So for this season, we are going to experiment different ideas and bring back older fun events that used to bring a lot of new players to the store. So stay tuned for those.

Encourage fun and friendly

Part of what makes us different compared to the rest of the LGSs around the GCC is the friendliness of the community and vibes that people get see once the enter the shop. This isn’t something a store can do on its own! So now we have little treats for anybody that brings somebody new to the community.

We are giving out during this season a few Promo Packs to whom ever brings a new player to the store and teach them how to learn MTG.

Throne of Eldrain League

Remember the leagues? Yeah, those are coming back!

Starting from Throne of Eldrain Release date, players can come anytime during the week to play games with the other league players to earn some cool prizes over the course of 4 weeks! If you never joined an League or new to the game, the league is the best place for you to meet and play with different players on an equal playing ground!

Magic League habituates the game for new and interested players. It’s designed to be an initiation to Magic as a weekly tradition.

Players start with three boosters and may purchase another each week, plus another after any set of three losses. Hand out match cards for players to track to their own wins and losses.

Participants can battle the storeĀ at any time. We are hosting a weekly meetup that we help you get players playing. The more your play, the more chances of you winning!

Winning a league comes in 3 different categories. Most Games Won, Most Games Played and Most friendly Player.

Standard Premier League Starts October 10th

Standard players Premier League will start October 10th and will end in 13 weeks. We have changed one rule here.

You get 3 points for just joining any Standard Event in addition to your games.

New Exclusive Howayte Events

We got some ideas for mid season for our dear hardcore limited players! No, we aren’t telling you right now šŸ™‚