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Magic League Kicks off with Throne of Eldrain

For those who don’t know what a Magic League is, its a old tournament system that Wizards of The Coast used to support but stopped after Ravnica Allegiance. So it’s safe to say that there isn’t one coming soon especially with the new release of Throne of Eldrain.

What exactly is the Magic League

The goal of the league is to foster league-style play with a low barrier to entry for newer players that can still be just as enjoyable for long-time fans of Limited. Which we will start on October 4th with the release of Throne of Eldrain. This is a perfect way for players to get familiar with the new set.

The Magic League works as such

  • Players open three booster packs and use those boosters to build a 30-card deck.
  • The league lasts four successive weeks.
  • Match cards are used to track wins and losses.
  • Every week, players add a booster pack to their pool, rebuilding as often as they like.
  • Players can also add a booster after three losses.
  • Matches consist of a single game. Each player gets one free mulligan at the start of the game.
  • Players play against each other, earning Planeswalker Points.
  • Players can join the Magic League at any time during the four-week period. In addition to their initial booster pool, they are allowed to purchase boosters for the weeks they missed.

Prize Support

We are giving away prizes in a Unlocking-prize-system. The more games you play, the more valuable the prizes will be.

  • First 10 Games: 1 Promo card of your Choice.
  • Reach 20 Games: 2 Promo cards of your Choice (Including Throne of Eldrain promos)
  • 30 Games: Throne of Eldrain Promo Pack
  • 40 Games: Throne of Eldrain Premium Foil Promo Pack

Also 1 full Throne of Eldrain Booster box will be split between 3 types of winners. Most games Played, Most Games Won and Most Friendly (Our Favorite)