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M20 Season Finale & This week Championship qualifiers

Season End

Congratulations to everybody that made the top 16 players for M20 Season. We are happy to see more active Standard players now competing and brewing different decks that is shaking the local meta. So here is what you all have been waiting for. The top 16 players all get an invite for the September 20th Championship.

The Top 16

1Ali Shaheed139
2Bo Mariam138
3Chris Hogan100
5Paul Vincent96
6Raymond Steele83
7Tim Tegel63
8Julius D49
9Ching, Serano46
11Ali Alwatani41
12Faisal Mohanna39
13Kevin Aquinaldo30
15Ali Abdulla28
16Hussain Aqeel21

Please let us know you will or will not be coming via contacting us anyway. So that we arrange enough seating for everybody.