The limited League is a 10-week long competitive tournament where players that participate in any sanctioned Limited Event such as Drafts or Sealed. (Some events might not include league points) Points are rewarded to players based on their performance. These are not stand alone events, but a series of events hosted at Howayte.

During the season end, the top 8 players in the League get awarded and the League Championship will be hosted the week after.

Awarding Points & Rules of Play

Awarding Points

  • Participation: 1 Point
  • Wins: 3 points
  • Draws: 1 Point 
  • Loss: 0

Rules of Play

  • Play during the Limited League Season (Calendar here)
  • Play in any of the following events (Signups here)
    • Friday Night Magic Draft or Sealed.
    • Special Limited events after 31st January, 2020 (except Open Series)
  • Draft events must be 8 players.
  • Sealed events must be 8+ players.
  • Minimum 3 Rounds Swiss for Drafts
  • Minimum 4 Rounds Swiss for Sealed
  • Players who choose to play more than one Draft or Sealed Per Day are free to do so and get points for it (but no more than 2 tournaments per day)
  • Players drooping from an ongoing tournament will not get any points.
  • No pre-agreement for Draws are allowed.
  • No offering of conceding is allowed.

End Of League Awards & Championship

Top League Players Leader Board:

Players who are in the top 8 Limited League Leader Board at the end of  season get awarded based on their positions as follows

  • League Winner: BD60 in store credit + Invite to Championship
  • Rank 2: BD30 in store credit + Invite to Championship
  • Rank 3: BD10 in store credit + Invite to Championship
  • Rank 4 – 8: Invite to Championship

Limited Championship

Once the top 8 players of the Seasonal League have been confirmed, During the weekend you are able to compete in the Championship for the Champion’s Cup including prizes which will make your day. This is an invite only event based on your performance through in the season.

  • Champion: BD60 in store credit + Champion’s Cup
  • Rank 2: BD30 in store credit + Championship’s Coin
  • Rank 3: BD10 in store credit + Championship’s Coin