Event Report: Premium Championship Qualifiers Sealed Tournament

A total of 11 players showed up to the tournament. Where players competed against each other in a 4 rounds Swiss and the best players earned the spots in the top 4.

Top 4 Players Left (Ray, Malek, Ali AlWatani and Moe)

Top 4 (Malek, Raymond, Ali Al-Watani and Moe) competed against each other to move to the finals and earn their invite to play in Poland in September. All great players and optimistic about the event and all very hungry to be the No.1.

After 4 rounds of Swiss

Some of the more notable players that went 4-0 in Swiss was Malek where he was the only player that went undefeated during Swiss, however he wasn’t able to pass the semi-finals when he went against Moe. Even though, Moe did lose to him Round 4 during Swiss.

During the semi finals, Ali AlWatani was able to barley beat Ray and move to the Finals and faced our champion. But wasn’t fortunate as his last game and went 1-2 against Moe.

Honestly I didn’t like Yawgmoth at first, but I can say it was one of the best cards in my deck!

Moe after winning
1st Place Moe’s Sealed Deck
2nd Place Ali’s Deck
3rd place Malek Deck
4th Place Ray’s Deck

I Would like to say we are very proud of all these cool guys and they have always showed great sportsmanship and have a major role in the community. We are especially happy that they helped us hosting a successful Premium Championship Qualifier!

Fahad Mohanna
Moe after wining

Seems our boy is considering going to Poland later on this year! So we wish him all the best in his Magic career and hopefully reach he wants to be.

The recorded games will be available on our Youtube channel a few days after the event for some game play footage!

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