Commander: Why its gaining popularity

Commander? Sure lets go!

The amount of times I hear that here in Howayte, it always puts a smile on my face knowing that we are hosting players regular commander games. Our Wednesday Commander Hangouts also tends to bring in more players who don’t have the ability to come on the weekends and throw down a few games with the veterans. 3 or 4 pods are usually the norm on that day and I never have the heart to close on our regular hours since I see too many players having fun and are “one” turn away from winning the game. Newer players who just joined the game tend to be more drawn towards Commander & Drafts compared to other formats. Personally I enjoy all formats! But it can’t be helped. Commander is FUN!!

There is always a game going on

If you would ask me when was the last time I came to the store and there wasn’t a game going on, I would say “no idea”. People testing out their new commander deck with that awesome new combo they heard of. 2 Headed Giant practice games preparing for the new Commander Team Tournament. So much going on and I am loving it. Better to have a store with people than none at all.

Even after Friday Night Magic Drafts or Sealed, players will take out their commander decks and know they are going to have hours of fun playing with their friends.

Its a big chunk of the local community

For veterans, it the format where they can play whatever card they like and when a new set comes out they find their new projects and upgrades. For new players its a great format where they can enjoy the game in a group and don’t leave anybody out. Its attracts those who want to be competitive or casual. Its a place where you feel your close to winning but always a turn away. (lets not forget the shenanigans you could pull off)

Competitive Or Casual

Different power level in commander games is important, tending to have a cEDH deck can turn off the playgroup and make people not want to play anymore with that person. So usually in Commander, players upfront say that they will be playing a competitive or focused deck so that everybody is enjoying their games. That could be done in the other formats, however its rare to see a person carry 3+ Standard decks in their bag with different levels. Since they tend to play test their Standard Decks in preparation for the upcoming weekend tournaments.

Commander players tend to have more than 1 deck in their back pack and are ready to play a few games and the different additional rules to spice up the game. Commander from a new perceptive feels like a board game where the number of players have no limit. (With the exception of 1v1 commander)

It’s less stresfull

When not playing 1v1 commander games, its less stressful to play Commander because the table will tend to work together taking down the strongest board. It encourages politics and enables players to assemble their combo pieces to go off. That is why its very common for the player who tends to stay quiet most of the game ends up winning. Misplays aren’t as punishing in Commander unless you are playing cEDH and honestly any competitive game. In a best of 3 like Standard, Modern and Pauper you intentions are clear and you can’t talk your way out of it. That is why I personally believe playing commander is great and ignites your spark for MTG (Pun intended) when you want to take a break from playing.

So that is my personal take on it and I believe everybody should play Commander at least once in their MTG career. Its a great way to de-compress and play a game for an hour with a great company. However, if you plan playing cEDH and still play any of the sanctioned formats. You should just stay with one of them as cEDH can be REALLY expensive.

Today’s Games

So if you are ever in town and looking for a game of Commander, you should defiantly consider dropping by at the shop. As you will almost always find a game waiting for you.

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