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Friday Night Magic Booster Draft
Magic: The Gathering

Join our Friday Night Magic Booster Draft! Join the community on this special day, we have a diverse community from different backgrounds, whether they are students or working class. We share one love and that is for Magic The Gathering.


Each player will be receiving 3 Booster Packs of the set once they have arrived and confirmed their registration. You will be then seated to a certain chair number and will start the drafting process 5-10 minutes after the event starts.

Build your deck of 40 cards and get ready to play some awesome games with your friends. This will be 3 rounds Swiss mode.

New to the format?

Don't worry, we will help you get down the basics and help you build up your deck if you need it.

COVID-19 Precautions:

Please ensure you bring your own Gloves and Face Mask.

Temperatures will be taken before admission. See less


We like everybody to walk away with something, as we always encourage a good time in a laird back & casual environment.

1st Place: 4 Booster Packs of the Set + 1 FNM Premium Pack

2nd Place: 2 Booster Packs of the set + 1 FNM Promo Pack

3rd - 8th Place: 1 Booster Pack of the set + 1 random prize.

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Commander League
Magic: The Gathering

Join us for a four week long Magic: the Gathering Commander League! You’ll be able to switch up your deck, play games whenever works for you, and compete with others for the honor of being the Top Commander!

Begins: Wednesday, September 9th

Ends: Wednesday, October 7th

Entry Fee: BD5 (One time Fee)

Structure: Players can play Commander League games against others in the league whenever they wish, although there is a bonus for playing on our Casual Wednesday MTG day. Games can be from 3 to 8 players. When the players play they should grab a match result slip, and submit it to the staff when it is done, with everyone’s points on it.

Each player will earn and lose points based on how well they did, and if they had to resort to foolishness to win the match. At the end of the league players will earn prizes for both having the most overall points, but also for specific accomplishments.

Each player can play up to 5 League Games a Week.

Match Scoring:

Players earn the following points for their performance in matches:

[+2] Points for playing at least one match on a Thursday.

[+2] Per opponent eliminated

[+1] Eliminating an opponent by attacking with commander

[+1] Save another player from elimination

[-1] Conceding before the end of the game.

[-1] Going in an infinite loop

[-1] Taking an extra turn

[-2] Eliminate a player before their 3rd turn

Planeswalker & Bounty Hunter: (Scored Weekly)

[+5] Planeswalker: Hold first place for 1 week.

[+5] Bounty Hunter: Eliminate the Planeswalker in a game.

Prizes will be awarded as well for the top players by the end of the league holding the titles. and there are ongoing prize support for players winning in their pod.

These Prizes are given once per week per player and are refreshed every week.

- Win your first games for the week

- Win a promo pack at random when losing in a pod.

End of League Prizes

The Planeswalker - Holding the Planeswalker title the most.

The Bounty Hunter - Most Planeswalker  Eliminated

The Top Commander: - Most points earned in the league.

The Planeswalker Prize:

1x Hero's of Dominaria Board Game.

1x War of Spark Wall scroll

The Bounty Hunter Prize:

1x Matching Deck box, Playmat & Card Sleeves.

1x War of Spark Wall scroll

The Top Commander Prize

10x M21 Promo Packs

2x Zendikar Rising Commander Decks.

Each week Fahad will post the current standings on Wednesday Night, including everyone's totals for each of the categories.

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The Eye of Terror - Miniature Painting Themed Contest
Warhammer 40,000

You are to choose a miniatures of any game of your choice and fully paint it to match the theme of this September The Eye Of Terror

The Eye of Terror is a realm of madness and despair, where skies weep blood, ancient stars burn in multi-coloured flares and the whims of the Dark Gods of Chaos hold sway. Synonymous with discord, terror, ancient secrets and insanity, no other place in the galaxy fills the mind with such dread and foreboding.

The theme for this month focuses on Magic users & the witch hunters that despise them. They play a big role for some factions giving them buffs and damaging your opponent's army. But there are those who find it heresy to use powers and those who believe it is nothing but a weak trick and that they should be burned on the pillar.

Focus your design and painting skills on creating the Psyker or Anti Psyker and have the public vote for the best!

How to join:

  • Support the store by purchasing your favorite gaming products. It helps a lot and encourages us to keep doing these events. (The event is Free)
  • Create an account on our website here (https://howayte.com/account/login)
  • Get yourself a ticket from the event here to let us know you will be joining.
  • Send a shot of your non-painted model to the organizer on info@howayte.com Or WhatsApp 39778879
  • Only 1 Miniature allowed.
  • Can be from any game.
  • Primed in advance is allowed.

Since this is a month long event, make sure to mark your calendars for the last day.

Registration: Before September 1st

Start Date: September 1st

Last Submissions: September 27th

Voting Date: September 28th

Submission Info:

  • Take a cool shot of your masterpiece before September 27th. (You are free to be creative)
  • Send the picture to info@howayte.com (Whatsapp works fine as well)
  • Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Once submissions are done, we will be posting all the pictures sent by you on our Instagram Story and have a voting system for the followers to say if they liked it or not.
  • The person with the most votes, gets to win the Prize!!

For this theme's prize, we will be giving out to first place a Box of the Warhammer New 9th Edition Recruit Starter Box


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