In Store Gaming suspended and how we are dealing with it
Due to the recent spikes in Covid-19 cases in the past 2 weeks, it is scary to know that anyone of the community could get exposed to it. Your safety is our number one priority for both the community and staff. So in store gaming will be suspended and we are going to move everything online for the time being.
As much as we love having everyone come in person to play games and have a good time. Online is still a great way to stay in touch with your friends and game!
So we are going to try to simplify things as much as possible for you to join these online events.

1. Register & pickup your kit for Prerelease:
You can register yourself for prerelease by filling the form here.
Once you have signed up, we will save your kit till you come and pick it up.

2. Join our discord server & choose MTG as role
We did a lot of house work and cleared things up to our discord channel to make it as simple as possible for everyone. Channels have shrunk and there should not be any confusion. 
You can join our discord channel by clicking here.
Once you have joined, make sure to select the MTG role by going to the #role-request and select the MTG logo. Then you will be able to see everything.

3. Setup your place of gaming & get ready
A channel on YouTube made an excellent video on how you can do this by setting up a camera and using Spelltable. You will need a computer and webcam. If you dont have a webcam you could use your phone instead.
Check out his video here:
Make sure to test it out

4. Be on time for the Webcam event on discord.
We will have all the pairings inside Discord posted, in the #mtg-online-events on discord. Also things like score submitting will be done via the Companion App.

5. Share your moments with the community
Share your moments with the community and share your prerelease game from Spelltable on Discord. All you have to do is join a Voice Channel on Discord and click Share Screen! We will give out some goodies for those who do next time they come in.

6. Receive your prizes
Once the event ends, you will be contacted directly with the information on how you will receive your prizes. You can either have it delivered straight to your doorstep (Delivery fees apply) or come pick them up yourself.

If you aren't a fan of online events, we completely understand. We appreciate all the support you can give. 

Prerelease kits will be available for purchasing individually. As an added bonus, we are giving for every purchase of a kit 1x Kaldheim Booster Pack. This does not apply for prerelease, as those will have a whole prize structure in themselves.

You can always order online and get your kits delivered to you if you prefer. The shop will be open and you can always visit the store to do our hobby shopping and say hello. (We are always happy to see you).

Booster Drafts will sadly be postponed till in store gaming is allowed again. So for limited play we will run weekly sealed event for the next 3 weeks every Friday at 2PM. Here is how it works.

1. Register for FNM
By checking out our store's calendar, you will be able to register for FNM. Check the date that works best for you and make sure to pick up your 6 Booster Packs before the start date.

2. Just like the way we are doing it for Prerelease 
Just follow the steps from 2-6 in the previous paragraph.

Don't you worry commander players, we got your back! We are just shifting Commander Nights to online for a couple of weeks before we can go back to being normal again.

We have came up with a new way for Commander Night Challenges and we hope you like it. Check out our latest post for the February challenges we made here.

Meetups will be every Wednesday at 6PM online in Discord voice chat and you guys can arrange the games upon yourselves. Feel free to invite your friends over.

This is a basic outline on how we are going to be gaming for the next 3 weeks or so. So its important to get familiar with it. As much as some people might not be familiar with tech, you can always ask the community to help you out.
Please stay safe and we hope to see you again soon.