Friday Team Commander Tournament - With a twist

After a successful Two-Headed Giant Commander Tournament 2 weeks ago, the community were asking for more events that cater towards commander/edh.

What happened in 2HG Commander?

A Whooping 8 Teams joined the last 2 Headed Giant Commander tournament, a lot of the players came up with different strategies that complement one the other. A player would play a heavy control deck and his partner would play a more aggressive deck.
Powerhouse decks like Omnath, Locust of creation were an all star as both teammates were playing powerful Landfall deck pushing tons of damage.
The tournament winners played a very unusual combination of decks, where Faisal was playing a Muldrotha deck and Mohammed playing Aminatou.


What is team Commander?

Just as a normal EDH / Commander game, each player will have their own starting life point of 40 life points. Each player sits across from their team mate that they are playing with at the table.
In 2 Headed Giant, you were sharing hand information and telling your teammate how to play. Not here though. 

To take a look at the full rule set, using the download link below

The Twist!

To give the players a good challenge and come up with deck ideas or when choosing their teammate, we have added a tournament rule as mentioned in point 5 of the Commander Team Rules.

We are really excited to see what will come out of this last rule. As we really feel that this could shift players from playing the most optimal decks all the time. So we hope this will be a welcome addition to this tournament and hope the guys come up with new commanders we don't generally see all the time.


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