Standard Premiere League : Week 5 Winners and Rankings

Monday Standard Winners Standard Week 5 Winners Seems like our guy Paul has won another Standard Tournament this season with his Bant Super friends deck and it’s starting to become a major contender in the local meta. Teferi, Time Raveler and Nissa, Who Shakes the world are really showing their potential and players are gonna have to consider adjusting their sideboards to counter such cards. If you would like to take a look at Paul’s winning article, [...]

Standard Premiere League : Week 4 Winners and Rankings

Monday Standard Winners Standard Week 4 Top 4, After a long time, Ching Serrano has finally came back to the Standard scene with a few decks in his artillery. The deck he choose this week was his Naya Feather deck, where it abuses the new enchantment that came with Core set 2020 Season of Growth and the new card that bumped up the power of Feather decks God’s Willing which is a great card that can be [...]

Standard Premiere League : Week 3 Winners and Rankings

Monday Standard News Left Paul and Right Ali Shaheed So after holding a successful Monday Standard, Paul Vincent was able to walk away first place with his Bant Super friends that overwhelms his opponents with land creatures using Nissa, Who Shakes the world and forcing his opponents to use their cards during their turn using Teferi, Time Raveler. 2nd place was Ali Shaheed with his Orhoz Vampires which play very aggressively using popular cards like Adanto Vanguard and Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord, [...]

Standard Premiere League: This week’s winners, Rankings & Switching Standard Day

This Week’s Thursday Standard Winner Bo Mariam & His winning Deck list Bo after taking first place This week Bo was able to go 4-0 using his White Weenie deck. A mono white aggro deck that is meant to overwhelm the opponent with a lot of small creatures and getting buffed from white lord cards like Benalish Marshal and History of Benalia that give that one big push for game on turn 6. Giving his knights such as Adanto Vanguard and [...]

Standard Premiere League End of Week Results & Changes!

Core Set 2020 release is here! This week was the kickoff of the Core Set 2020 season! New cards have started being added to player’s decks with welcome upgrades and new deck ideas. Some Standard decks got some decent buff like Boros Feather and Mono-Blue Tempo. The legendary creatures are nothing to shy off either, we got the new Panharmonicon on legs Yarok, the Desecrated and the new spellslinger deck that creates 1/1 Spirit tokens using [...]

Commander: Why its gaining popularity

Commander? Sure lets go! The amount of times I hear that here in Howayte, it always puts a smile on my face knowing that we are hosting players regular commander games. Our Wednesday Commander Hangouts also tends to bring in more players who don’t have the ability to come on the weekends and throw down a few games with the veterans. 3 or 4 pods are usually the norm on that day and I never have the heart [...]

Announcing the MTG Standard Premiere League

With the release of Core set 2020 we got tons of new cards for Standard. Not forgetting we have tons of cards in the Standard pool and rotation is only a few months away! So what better time to build your favorite standard deck with the fullest potential with all the cards we have access to. So we are proud to announce our first Standard Premiere League! What is the Standard Premier League Over 12 weeks (Core Set 2020 Season), [...]

M20 Limited: Picking The Top Rares and Mythics

Last time (Picking The Top Common and Uncommons) we have reviewed commons and un-commons of the incoming core set 2020 while today we will focus in rares and mythics which are usually the top end of our limited decks. Every color has one mythic planeswalker and a cycle of cavaliers in the 5 mana slot, all coming down with triple mana of their color which will make them hard to cast on curve in a multicolor deck (so take [...]